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 First of all, thank you for writing for me! (My AO3 username is within_a_dream). To start with, here's a list of general things I like in fairy tale retellings, etc:
  • Swapping Genre (Space opera? Horror? Western? Postapocalyptic? Anything goes! Although if you want to write your story in the traditional historical/fantasy setting, I will also love it!)
  • Retellings that make the villain more sympathetic, or the hero/ine less so.
  • Epilogue-type stories. What happens after the happily ever after?
Here are my prompts for the individual stories:

The Juniper Tree

I’d love a story that focuses on explaining the stepmother’s actions (because come on, no one’s first reaction to an annoying stepchild is to make him into a soup and feed him to his father). This retelling emphasizes the “evil force” that came over her…is she possessed by the devil, or a demon? Or you could twist the original story and have the boy be some sort of evil creature, with the stepmother doing what needs to be done to defeat him. (The only thing I wouldn’t like as an explanation is “she was crazy/psychotic/etc all along!”)

Alternatively, I would love a sequel to the fairy tale exploring what happens after the boy comes back from the dead. I love stories about people coming back (to life) wrong, whether that means traumatized by their death, with ghostlike properties, a dramatic personality shift, or anything else you can think of.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

I’ve always been interested in why the prince was engaged to the princess in the first place. Is his stepmother punishing him? Is the marriage’s goal some sort of political gain? (If so, is there any fallout when he marries the story’s protagonist instead?) What becomes of the long-nosed princess after the end of the story? I would love a subverted retelling that makes the princess a sympathetic character, or a fic where she’s unrepentantly nasty/a villain.

Willie of Winsbury

The line that caught my attention when I first listened to this song was the king’s reaction to seeing Willie: “For wert thou a woman, as thou art a man/My bedfellow thou shouldst be”. That’s certainly an interesting thing to say to your future son-in-law. Does the king have a secret lust for Willie? Does he ever act on those feelings? How does his daughter feel about her dad’s raging crush on her husband?

Alternatively, how did the king end up imprisoned in Spain? What has his daughter been doing (besides sleeping with Willie) while he's gone?

The Twa Sisters

I first heard a version of this ballad as a young child (Loreena McKennit’s The Bonny Swans, in case you’re curious), and I’ve loved it ever since. The part that fascinates me the most is the magical bone-harp. What on earth convinces the minstrel to make a harp of the dead body he finds lying around? How aware is the younger sister when she’s been made into an instrument? I would love a fic focusing on the communication between the younger sister(‘s spirit) and the harpist.

The dynamic between the two sisters is also incredibly interesting. How does the older sister feel about having killed the other? What happens once the truth about the death is revealed?

The Lady Lovibond

I was so happy to see this story nominated, because ghost ships are some of my favorite things, and I’d never read this particular story until I went through the nominations for this exchange!

My favorite thing about stories like this is the idea of all these souls trapped between our world and the next, reenacting their doom over and over again…How aware are the ghosts of what’s happened to them? (One of the linked accounts mentions hearing noises of celebration. Are the ghosts completely unaware that they’re about to reenact their deaths, or are they aware on some level of what’s going on but trapped into celebrating anyway?) Does the first mate regret his actions after death, or does his spirit just end up hating the captain more? 

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 Hello! Thank you so much for writing or drawing for me; I am very excited to see what you make. [EDIT: I would love either fic or art for any of the fandoms listed!]

In general, I love ghosts. Characters as ghosts. Characters as the stars of one of those cheesy ghost-hunting shows. Characters holding a séance. Characters spending the night in a haunted house on a dare. Basically if you decide to go the ‘trick’ route, anything involving ghosts would be amazing. (I have some ideas for specific canons that I’ll talk about as well.) I’m good with any level of violence/horror.

If you want to go the ‘treat’ route, I’m good with any rating/category, from gen fluff to explicit smut. I like many kinks as well (bondage, rough sex, crossdressing, and general BDSM-type stuff, to name a few, although I tend to prefer dynamics other than male dom/female sub)

Do Not Wants: My only squick is graphic descriptions of pregnancy and (especially) childbirth. Brief mentions of pregnancy/childbirth, pregnant characters, etc, are fine, as long as the story doesn’t go into a lot of detail.

Les Miserables

I slightly prefer canon-era settings and a focus on Les Amis, Marius, Cosette, and Eponine, but anything else wouldn’t be a dealbreaker. I ship Marius/Cosette/Eponine and any 2-person permutations of that ship, as well as pretty much every combination of Les Amis (and Valjean/Javert).

I would absolutely love to see a canon-era zombie apocalypse AU, focusing on how Marius, Cosette, and/or Eponine deal with the event.


I love all of the canon ships, and I’m fond of Francis/Bash and Francis/Bash/Mary (but I will totally not be offended if you don’t want to write my incest ship.)

I’d love to see either Mary and any of her ladies in waiting, or young Francis and Bash, encountering a ghost in the castle.

On the treat side, I’d love Francis/Bash(/Mary) shipfic of any sort, something about Bash and Kenna’s relationship, or Francis/Mary or Bash/Mary fluff.

Penny Dreadful

This canon seems tailor-made for a spooky fic. I’d like to see the gang taking on any supernatural creature that the first season didn’t feature: ghosts, zombies, or anything else you can think of.

For the fluffy side of things, Sir Malcolm had a line about inviting the boys over to decorate for Christmas, and I would love to see how that would play out. I also ship pretty much every combination of characters, and would especially love to see Vanessa/Brona (for no other reason than that they were the only side of that love quadrangle that didn’t get some sort of in-show action). My other ships include Victor/Proteus, Victor/Ethan, Ethan/Dorian, Vanessa/Mina, Vanessa/Dorian...basically, if you ship any combination of characters in this fandom, I would love to read about it.

The Raven Cycle

I would love to see something on the horror side focusing on Noah, either involving another ghost, or showing Noah somehow going dark and putting the rest of the cast in danger. Alternatively, I’d like to see a horror story focusing on Ronan’s power.

I ship Noah with everyone, and would love to see fluff or shippy fic/art about any Noah pairing. I also love Maura/the Gray Man, and would love to see anything about them. Gen fic or art about Blue and the Raven Boys’ friendship would also be great!

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My username on AO3 is within_a_dream

Hello, and thank you for writing for me! I’ll start off with a list of general things I like:

            -Fantasy, sci-fi, and historical settings (Although I like all other settings and genres, too)

            -Unreliable narrators

            -Prose that tends towards the poetic (e.g. unusual turns of phrase, unconventional structure, etc)

            -Any and all points of view and perspectives, especially the ones everyone else seems to hate (like first-person present-tense, and second person)

            -Slash, and femslash (although I like het and gen too!)

I’m fine with any level of violence or sexual explicitness. My only squick is graphic descriptions of pregnancy and (especially) childbirth. Brief mentions of pregnancy/childbirth, pregnant characters, etc, are fine, as long as the story doesn’t go into a lot of detail.

            My prompts for the songs got a bit long, and you definitely shouldn’t feel like you have to include everything in one story. Also, I tend to assume that the gender of the narrator is the gender of the singer, and that’s how I’ve written my prompts, but feel free to mix that up if you want. I don’t have strong opinions about the gender of any of the characters.

Becoming a Jackal- The Villagers

            I’m not really sure what’s going on in this song, but it definitely has a story behind it. Who’s the narrator, and who is the “you” he stays with? (I’ve always imagined the “you” as a woman, and I’ll use female pronouns for ease of writing, but feel free to go with whatever gender you want.) I got the impression that she took the narrator in when he was young and/or vulnerable, and is keeping him from leaving her to join the jackals. Who are the jackals, anyway? A literal pack of jackals, or perhaps shape-shifters? A bike gang? I’d love to see your ideas.

            I especially love the last stanza or so of the song:

                        So before you take this song as truth

You should wonder what I'm taking from you

How I benefit from you being here

Lending me your ears while I'm selling you my fears

            I’d love a story that plays on this uncertainty. Is what the narrator tells us really the truth? What’s his motivation for telling us this story?

In Another Life- Vienna Teng

            I’d love to hear more about any of the three past lives mentioned in the song, either a story about the deaths as detailed in the lyrics or just a day in the life of the narrator and her love. (I’m not at all picky about historical accuracy.) Alternatively, I’d love a story about the narrator and her love in the present day. I love the way the last verse describes the way the memories of past lives creep into the narrator’s thoughts, and I’d like to hear more about that—does she remember everything about her past lives, or does she just have vague flashes of forgotten memories? Does her love remember anything of their past as well?

No Death- Mirel Wagner

            I’ve always interpreted this as a story of necromancy gone wrong: a woman attempts to resurrect her lover, or keep her from dying, and ends up with an undead girlfriend. I’d love to hear about how things ended up this way—how did the lover die, and how did the narrator manage to bring her back to life?

            I also love the image of death trying to break in and steal the lover back. I’d love a story that treats death as a humanoid character and details the narrator’s attempts to evade him.

            If you write for this song, I’d prefer that both the narrator and her lover are women.

White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

            This song has always felt to me like there’s a story behind it…but I have no idea what that story is. I’d love to hear your idea of what’s going on. Who is Michael, and what happens to him? Who is the narrator, and why is he following the pack?

The Wondersmith and His Sons- Astronautalis

            I’m very interested in the backstory/childhood of the narrator and his brothers. Tell me about how they grew up learning to be con men, and/or the disaster that tore their family apart. The song gives so few details about this, and I’m curious: how did the youngest brother die? Who’s “the other skeleton”? What happens to the rest of the family? (Perhaps one of them is the other skeleton?)

            If that doesn’t interest you, I’d love to hear about the narrator as an adult, maybe the story of a con he’s running (either drawing on the one described in the song, or something else.) If we go by the music video (which you definitely don’t have to), his attempt to go after the “woman weak for charming men” doesn’t go well. What went wrong?

Thanks again for writing for me, and I look forward to reading your story!


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