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Thank you for writing or drawing for me! I’m within_a_dream on AO3, and I’ve got a tag of previous letters if you want to see more of what I like. I've requested fanart and fanfic for all requests.

My DNWs are anything focusing on pregnancy, oviposition, or expansion. I’d also prefer that any noncon be kept to the pairings and/or kinks where I requested it. Otherwise, feel free to run wild with additional kinks! I’m pretty easy to please.

I’d also prefer nothing dwelling on infidelity. Feel free to just gloss over or not mention why a character is sleeping with someone who’s not their canonical spouse for applicable pairings. (Or you can go for poly relationships! I’m pretty into polyamory in my fanfic, but I get that not everyone is.)

I've split each fandom section into ships and kinks. Generally speaking, if I've requested something for one pairing, feel free to apply it to any other fandoms or ships as well.

I'm generally more into informal kink than formalized BDSM, and I love characters accidentally stumbling into kinks. I'm always into sexuality-based or kink-based guilt.

My prompts are only suggestions—unless it contains one of my DNWs, I will read and love pretty much any sex scene, so write what inspires you! As a note, I'm good with vaginal, oral, anal, or any other type of sex for any of my requested ships, and I've got no preference as to who tops physically (if I have dom/top preferences in terms of kinks, they'll be specified in the prompts).

Les Miserables--Victor Hugo

I prefer canon-era or canon-divergent AUs for this fandom (although I'm not a stickler for historical accuracy--as long as it has a vaguely 19th-century feel I'm in!)


Marius/Grantaire: The first live production of Les Mis I saw had Grantaire sit on Marius's lap and kiss him during Red and Black, and I've been in love ever since. I love the idea of Grantaire flustering, corrupting, and/or deflowering Marius, and Grantaire's snark and Marius's earnestness interacting.

Courfeyrac/Marius: I love the sexual tension that can arise from being roommates, and the dynamic of Courfeyrac introducing Marius to kissing, sex, kinks, etc.

Eponine/Cosette: This ship has a delicious mix of shared pasts, trauma, jealousy, and attraction. Don't get me wrong, I'm down for Eposette fluff, but I also love fanworks that play on the tensions between them.


Aftermath of Torture: This is a kink I've requested for every fandom that it could remotely apply to. I am such a sucker for characters being traumatized and injured, and having (loving or ill-advised) sex as a reaction. Feel free to interpret 'torture' as literally or loosely as you want, and to fit it into the plot however you'd like.

Biting, Blindfolds, Handjobs: These are pretty self-explanatory.

Kink Exploration, Virginity Kink: These don't necessarily have to go together, but I'm really into Marius or Cosette being/playing inexperienced, wide-eyed, and virginal, and their partner kinking hard on introducing them to either sex or new kinks

Rough Sex: Again, pretty straightforward. I'm into both antagonistic dynamics that bleed into the sex (although this doesn't really work for Marius/Courfeyrac), and fluffy couples who also enjoy hair-pulling and biting and scratching in bed.

Playful Sex: So many of the characters in my requested pairings are dorks, and I'm always a sucker for silly smut.

Sex Toys: I love sex toys in historical fandom smut, especially when one character has never seen them before and is immediately intrigued. Don't feel like you have to do research--as long as you make the toys vaguely historical (e.g. no electricity or silicone), that's enough for me.

Overstimulation: I would love Marius or Cosette as the overstimulated party.

Crossdressing: I lovelovelove historical smut that plays around with gender roles, and more shallowly, I'm really into guys in dresses and girls in trousers.

Praise Kink: Marius or Cosette being told how good they're being--I like this by itself or combined with the virginity kink or kink exploration.

Size Kink: Marius or Cosette being overwhelmed by the size of their partner's dick or dildo, but also finding that they're really into it. Or, Marius is totally hung but doesn't realize it, and Grantaire or Courfeyrac takes advantage of his giant cock.

Internalized Homophobia: I love my porn mixed with a healthy (or maybe I should say an unhealthy) serving of guilt. Marius and Cosette seem to me like they'd be the most likely candidates, but I definitely wouldn't say no to this kink being applied to any other parties.

Les Mis- Tentacle Edition

'Ships': Marius/Tentacles, Marius/Cosette/Tentacles

Kinks: Loss of Virginity, Forced Orgasm, Multiple Orgasms, Multiple Penetration, Overstimulation

Tentacle porn is a bulletproof kink of mine, and I couldn't resist requesting my favorite subby characters getting some tentacle action. I'm into everything from Consentacles to characters resisting at first but finding they're into it to brutal tentacle noncon (so long as no one is permanently killed or maimed by the tentacles). I also don't mind a bit of anatomical improbability or body horror in the service of the kink.

The Queen's Thief--Megan Whalen Turner

I prefer fic and art set in the canon setting.


Attolia/Eugenides/Costis: I love Costis's unquestioning loyalty for Attolia, and the trajectory of his opinion of Gen in King of Attolia. These three have the kind of relationship (both personally and in terms of court politics) that I love to complicate by adding romantic and sexual elements.

From a previous letter: One of my favorite things about this ship is the power imbalance. Costis very clearly views Attolia and Eugenides as monarchs rather than humans, which would make his relationship with them very interesting indeed. Who invites him to bed? Do they prefer to order him around, or let him take charge? If you want to get into D/s dynamics, I have a vague headcanon that Gen is a stubborn and mouthy sub—although things with Irene are complicated now because of their history, of course (maybe that’s where Costis comes in!).


Power Imbalance, Power Dynamics: I love Costis's internal struggle in KoA between seeing the other two as his rulers and observing their very human relationships and flaws, and I'd love to see how he reacts to his monarchs showing interest in him and wanting to have sex with him. I'd love porn that explicitly plays with the power dynamics at play here. In fic, I could see the distinction between personal and royal names being used to great effect.

Aftermath of Torture: My Les Mis prompt is relevant again here. I'm especially into fic where Costis is sent on some sort of secret mission, and returns damaged and/or tortured.

Authority Kink: I would love a gift playing with Gen and Irene's positions--maybe bringing crowns, scepters, and other trappings of authority into the bedroom (or giving them to Costis...I could see Gen wanting Costis to fuck him while wearing his crown, and Costis being horrified but also aroused).

Finger sucking, Fingerfucking: Listen, I have a hand kink. I've got no preference as to who's doing the sucking or the fucking, although I'm partial to Irene putting her fingers in Costis's mouth or ass and Costis nearly self-combusting over his queen fucking him.

Banter as Foreplay: If ever there was a kink tag appropriate for a ship involving Eugenides, it was this one. Also, I could see Costis being nervous at first about mouthing off to his king and (especially) his queen, but eventually being able to hold his own.

Praise Kink: I am so into nervous Costis being told what a good job he's doing by Gen and Irene.

Knifeplay: I'm very into sexy uses of knives in general, or Gen's hook in particular. Costis showing how much he trusts Gen by baring his throat to Gen's hook is a scenario I've had in my mind for a while.

Raven Cycle--Maggie Stiefvater

Ships, part 1:

Blue Sargent/Gwenllian: I think I might be the only person sailing this ship, but I just love the idea of Blue having a bisexual awakening because of Gwenllian, and Gwenllian finding this both amusing and sexy.

Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent (OT5): I love the friendship dynamics in the series, and would love it even more if these dorks accidentally fell into polyamory and/or orgies.

Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent/Henry Cheng (OT5+Henry): In light of TRK, I'd love to see how Henry ends up involved in the orgy-blob that is the Raven Boys and Blue. Does he discover after he ends up friends with them that they're all banging? Is one of his motivations for getting closer to the gang that he wants to get in on those sweet, sweet, awkward friend orgies? I haven't decided what my personal headcanon is, but I definitely want to read about all six of these characters banging.

Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent: I'm so into Noah as a conduit/kiss proxy, and into this relationship in general. Ghost sex + the kissing curse = really fun porn.


Sex Toys (Magic): Please show me the absolutely ridiculous and fantastic sex toys that Ronan dreams. (In the case of Noah/Gansey/Blue or Gwen/Blue, I could see him deciding to make them a present or something, and everyone being suitably embarrassed about it but still enjoying the toy). Or maybe Gwenllian has some strange magic sex toys, which Blue is both weirded out and fascinated by, or Blue introduces Gwenllian to the wonders of the vibrator.

Awkward Sex, Laughter During Sex: All of these characters (with the exception of Gwenllian) are a) teenagers, and b) each dorks in their own unique way, and I'd love to see that play into the porn. All of the ships I requested here have a rich potential for awkwardness--use that however you'd like.

Lingerie, Makeup: I'm very into characters getting dressed up, in art and fic both. For the ships involving dudes, I have the idea of Blue doing her boys' makeup. I'm always into boys in lingerie, and I could see Blue laughing at or criticizing their choices (and also being very turned on).

Birthday Sex: Pretty self-explanatory. For the orgy ships, I'm especially partial to "Happy birthday! We're all gonna gangbang you!", especially with the gangbang-ee being Gansey or Henry (and, if you wanna combine it with Magic Sex Toys, Ronan dreaming up a magic strap-on for Blue).

Ships, part 2

Noah/Barrington Whelk: One of my favorite ships is Noah/Sadness, and I think Noah and Whelk having been lovers before Noah's death adds a nice twist to the angst of the story. I just really want angsty smut about how much Whelk sucks as a boyfriend and a friend.


Rough Sex, Rough Oral Sex, Dirty Talk, Limit Testing: I see Whelk as a selfish lover who likes it rough, and Noah not being super into it, but not wanting to tell Whelk to stop for fear of losing what they have.

The Magnificent Seven


Joshua Faraday/Vasquez: I love this ship's potential for belligerent sexual tension, and repressing your emotions until they come bursting out at incredibly inopportune moments. If it matters to your plot, I'm happy with either an everyone-lives or Faraday-lives AU, or a fic that leaves Faraday's canon death as is. (I prefer canon-era fic and art for this fandom.)


Aftermath of Torture, Injured Sex: I'm not picky on who the injured and/or tortured party is, or how the incident comes about. I just love the vulnerability inherent in the kink/s, and characters reacting to trauma by banging someone.

Internalized Homophobia: My evergreen kink for historical fandoms. I am very into sex- and orientation-based guilt.

Rough Kissing, Sexual Teasing

Gunplay: Mag 7 is tailor-made for reckless gun use during sex. I like people having guns held on them during sex, people blowing guns, people getting fucked with guns...it's all good. For this pairing, I'd prefer it to be consensual, with both parties really into it. Optional prompt: after the scene in the film where Faraday goes off about the names of his guns, Vasquez manages to steal one or both of them off of Faraday, and they have some impromptu gun sex involving Vasquez calling Maria and Ethel by name.

Language Kink: Faraday, although he'd never admit it, is wicked turned on when Vasquez speaks Spanish to him. (Or perhaps Faraday takes the initiative to learn some dirty vocab in Spanish to surprise Vasquez.)

Sharing Clothes: I'm thinking one man (accidentally or on purpose) borrows the other's clothes, and the other is surprisingly turned on by his lover wearing his shirt/trousers/what have you.



Lucy/Wyatt/Rufus: I've shipped these three since the first episode, and as of writing this request there's not a single romantic fic for them on AO3. Teammates who end up having sex is one of my fave ship dynamics, and it would be unimaginably thrilling if I didn't have to write the first fic for this ship! A note: Lucy/Wyatt by itself isn't the most interesting ship to me, so I'd prefer a gift that isn't established Lucy/Wyatt adding Rufus in. And as for Rufus/Jiya, if your gift ends up addressing their relationship, my personal headcanon is that they've agreed to an open relationship, with Rufus fine with Jiya dating other people but not expecting he's going to get the chance to find anyone else--until he accidentally sleeps with Wyatt and Lucy. The only thing I don't want is Rufus cheating on Jiya.


Aftermath of Torture, Injured Sex: There are a lot of canonical injuries in the show to work with, or you could introduce some original torture, gunshot wounds, etc.

Clothing Kink: This canon has so many opportunities for historical costume porn! Characters finding the historical clothes hot and characters struggling to get the historical clothes off in order to bang would both be fun (and I'm always a sucker for art featuring costumes/historical clothing).

Sex Pollen: I have no specific prompts for how you'd fit it into canon, but sex pollen is one of my favorite tropes, and it would be such a fun way for these three to end up in bed together for the first time.

BDSM: This is one canon where I could see the characters involved in the BDSM scene, although if you'd rather go for an informal dynamic I'd also be 100% on board with that. My personal preference is for Wyatt as a sub (I see him as into impact play, spanking, or something similar, but go wild), Lucy as a dom, and Rufus as someone who's never done anything remotely kinky but finds himself very into it.

Inexperienced Top: I have Rufus in mind for this. I could see him as someone who (first with studying at MIT, then with his job, then with Rittenhouse threatening him) never really had time to date, so he's a little intimidated by the much more experienced Wyatt (or Lucy). Combining this with the BDSM, I'd love Lucy and Wyatt showing Rufus how to dom, and Rufus finding out he really enjoys it.

The Bright Sessions


Mark/Damien: I love this ship anywhere from fully consensual to creepy mind-control noncon. I just want more fanworks of the two of them getting it on ;)


Superpower Sex, Mind Control, Consensual Mind Control: I am very into the sexy applications of Damien's power, whether it's Damien using it on Mark, or Mark taking advantage of his power coming back. I'm down for consensual power applications, Damien nonconsensually willing Mark to be into him, or Mark taking advantage of Damien after Ep 32.

Dominant Masochism, Topping from the Bottom/Pushy Bottoms, Reluctant Sadist: I have a headcanon that Damien is a sub and/or a masochist, and part of the reason he's so desperate to find someone with his power is for kink purposes. I'd love to see him convincing Mark to mind-control him into doing whatever Mark wants, and/or him willing Mark to hurt him (and Mark objecting, but finding himself upsettingly into hurting or controlling Damien).

Wolf 359


Lovelace/Minkowski: I love this ship both as hatesex around Lovelace's introduction, and after they've grown to trust each other. (And if you want to make something set after the Lovelace reveal at the end of the last season, I'd be very into that as well.)

Lovelace/Maxwell: These two have very intriguing dynamics, and I'd love to see that play out as hatesex or as a more genuine relationship.

Hera/Maxwell: They care so much about each other, and Maxwell still ends up betraying Hera in the end--I love angsty femslash. (Also, AI sex is my jam.)

Hera/Lovelace/Maxwell: I'm always down for combining two ships I love into a polyship! I hadn't considered this before seeing it nominated, but I'd love to see your take on how all three of them would interact.

Minkowski/Hera: As two of the original Hephaestus crew, these two have been together through a lot, and I've shipped them since they were the only femslash possibility. (Plus, again, AI sex.)


I'll list the kinks I requested below, but in general, I'd love porn that takes advantage of the setting (and if Hera's involved, makes creative use of machinery). I'm always into Hera accidentally (or "accidentally") listening in on other people jerking off/having sex, and I'm also always into sex that plays on people's wariness of each other or uncertainty if the other party can be trusted.

Zero-gravity sex, Cunnilingus, Dirty Talk, Adrenaline, Robot Sex, Nipple/Breast Play

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen


Elizabeth Bennet/Jane Bennet/Charles Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy: I'm really into this ship as a way for the characters to safely indulge their bisexuality (especially Darcy and Bingley, but if you wanna get incestuous with the Bennet sisters, I'm in for that too).

Darcy/Bingley: I love friends-to-lovers, and wouldn't mind if some of Darcy's wariness of Jane as a romantic prospect for Bingley is jealousy.

Darcy/Wickham: I love this ship as both pre-canon lovers and angsty canon-era hatesex. (And, although I have a lot of fluffy tags for this fandom, feel free to go kinkier or darker for Darcy/Wickham hatesex. I just ran out of slots, haha.)


Internalized Homophobia: I love guilt and anxiety mixed into my porn, so go wild with the internalized homophobia.

Cross-dressing: Cross dressing is especially fun to me in historical fandoms, with the gender roles and fancy clothes that come with it. I'm good with men in dresses, women in trousers, or both.

Clothed Sex: The perfect opportunity for showcasing desperation, costume porn, or both!

Laughter During Sex: I'm so into ships having silly and maybe-awkward sex (this goes better with the first two ships or a pre-canon Darcy/Wickham).

Oral Sex

Kink Exploration: I am very into characters stumbling into kinks accidentally, or testing out what they're into.


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