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Thanks for writing or drawing for me! I’ve tried to give prompts that are suited for fic and art for all of my ships, but I’m not an artist, so feel free to leave an anonymous comment if you want more details.

I am requesting fic and art for all fandoms/pairings. As far as rating and subject matter go, I’m good with anything from the fluffiest hand-holding to the most dirtybadwrong noncon, and anything in between. Any level of violence or gore is also okay. I love fluff, I love angst, I love porn, and I will most likely love whatever you create for me!

A general list of things I am fond of: fancy clothes/characters dressing up, historical characters angsting about sexuality and/or kinks, domesticity, first times, accidental baby acquisition, hurt/comfort, supernatural/fantasy AUs

Porn-type things I like: anything under the BDSM umbrella, crossdressing, roleplay, awkward sex, rough sex, first times, lingerie (especially vaguely historically-accurate lingerie where applicable), sex toys

My only DNW
is pregnancy/childbirth. In fic, I’m fine with mentions of characters being pregnant or giving birth, but would prefer no detailed descriptions of pregnancy (e.g. morning sickness/other complications, the baby kicking, sex while pregnant) or childbirth. In art, I’d rather not see visibly pregnant characters at all.

I have a tag of letters for previous exchanges


Jillian Holtzmann/Gertrude Eldridge's Ghost

Ghost!sex is one of my favorite things, and if anyone is weird enough to get freaky with a ghost, it’s Holtzmann. I’m not picky about how they get together (post-movie experiment gone wrong/right? Alternate version of the scene at the Eldridge mansion where Gertrude’s ghost ravishes Holtzmann?), or what dynamics you want to give the relationship (make it as enthusiastically or dubiously consensual as you’d like). I’d love something making use of Holtzmann’s gadgets, ectoplasm and ghostly powers, or both.

Erin Gilbert/Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan/Abby Yates

I’m such a sucker for teams becoming romantic/sexual moresomes. I ship literally every combination of characters in the movie, so feel free to set up the dynamics of the OT4 however you’d like. I’m always down for first-time fic, and I’d love to see how the group’s friendship turned into romance. I’d also love a fanwork showing the four women spending time together while working—maybe charting potential haunted locations or testing ghost-hunting tools.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Note: I’ve only requested Agent Carter ships.

Angie Martinelli/Dottie Underwood

This ship hadn’t occurred to me until I saw it in the nominations, but I’m very intrigued by the idea. Do they meet while Dottie is undercover at the boarding house (I can definitely see Angie having torrid affairs under the landlady’s nose), or does Dottie track Angie down later as some sort of scheme to get leverage over Peggy? If you’re down to create something less-than-consensual, I’d be into Dottie forcing herself on Angie (maybe incorporating the knockout lipstick from the first season).

Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood

I’ve been in love with this ship since the Dottie reveal in season 1, and I would love anything about them set anywhere in the show’s timeline. Dottie sleeping with Peggy in the boarding house as reconnaissance? Dottie and Peggy having ridiculously thick sexual tension during an interrogation? Dottie and Peggy becoming involved during their reluctant team-up in season 2? Anything is good!

Whitney Frost/Dottie Underwood

I can’t resist the thought of two powerful female antagonists together. You could go for something less-than-consensual (perhaps during the torture scene), or an alliance that turns to romance and/or sex, or any other plot/scenario that you like. These two have a lot in common and I’d love to see more of how they interact.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Feel free to incorporate or ignore canon relationships as you wish!

Phryne Fisher/Dorothy "Dot" Williams

I am so in love with the idea of Phryne seducing Dot and bringing her from her sheltered Catholic upbringing to a world of illicit romance, sex, and sensuality. I’d love anything involving Phryne encouraging Dot to try new clothes (or lingerie), or Dot slowly realizing that she’s been crushing on Phryne.

Phryne Fisher/Elizabeth MacMillan

I love both of these characters, both individually and together. I especially love Phryne and Mac having a casual, friends-with-benefits relationship. I’d love to see them seeking out each other’s company when lonely, or Mac managing to surprise or scandalize Phryne (since Phryne is usually the one shocking people).

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Lydia Bennet/Original Female Character

I’m really into the idea of Lydia being some variety of queer. Maybe something showing her during canon pursuing women with a bit more circumspection but the same level of teenage vapidness that she lusts after the soldiers, or something set after her marriage with Wickham where she has an affair with a friend. Or, historical accuracy be damned, I could totally see Wickham being the kind of dick to talk his wife into a threesome, and them be disconcerted at how into the other woman she is.

Mary Bennet/Original Female Character

Mary’s another character I read as queer—she seems so out-of-place among her sisters, and I’d love to see something connecting that to her sexuality. But basically anything that sets Mary up with a woman is A-OK with me. I’d especially love a future-fic where Mary’s an old (or not-so-old) maid with a lady companion.

Lydia Bennet/Mary Bennet

Bennetcest ships have been my secret P&P ships since high school lit, and I’m especially fond of Lydia and Mary for the contrast in personalities: frivolous Lydia and serious Mary interacting, with both of them forming an unlikely bond over their shared secret. How does their relationship start? How do they try to hide it from their family? (I’d love to see bickering during the day and/or a sneaky rendezvous at night). I’m down for the two being very sweet to each other, having hatesex, or anything in between.

Elizabeth Bennet/Charlotte Lucas

I love the friendship these two share in canon, and a romantic and/or sexual relationship would add an interesting dimension to that. The two spending time together pre-canon, a “last night” sort of thing after Charlotte accepts Mr. Collins’ proposal, or a meeting after the marriage/s would all be lovely.

Catherine Bennet/Georgiana Darcy

This is such a sweet ship! I could see Kitty and Georgiana’s relationship going from resentment at being forced together by their siblings, to friendship, to love. I’d also love to see how Kitty’s recklessness and Georgiana’s cautiousness interact (Georgiana has, after all, seen where recklessness leads). I feel like this description sounds kind of pretentious, but don’t feel like you have to make your fanwork serious—I would love anything post-canon with these two exploring Pemberley and being in love.

Anne de Bourgh/Charlotte Lucas

I so want Charlotte to be happy post-marriage. I’d love to see how her pragmatism and her love for Anne interact. A first-time fic showing how the relationship begins or an established relationship showing Anne and/or Charlotte’s daily lives would both be wonderful.

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater

Again, I like pretty much every ship in this fandom (canon or no), so feel free to throw in whatever background ships you’d like.

Blue Sargent/Gwenllian

I’m pretty sure I’m sailing this ship all by myself, but I am so in love with the idea of Gwenllian being Blue’s bisexual awakening, and Gwenllian being both endeared by this and teasing the hell out of Blue for it.

A few prompts from a previous exchange:

Blue introducing Gwenllian to modern society and technology. The women of 300 Fox Way cornering Gwenllian to give her a stern talking-to about hurting Blue, either individually or all together.

Helen Gansey/Orla

Helen and Orla live in such different worlds, and I love the idea of them falling in love and those worlds intersecting. Some prompts from a previous exchange:

How did they start dating? Does Helen take Orla on rich-people dates that Orla finds half-obnoxious and half-endearing? Does Orla draw Helen into rituals that she finds first ridiculous and then intriguing? How do the Gansey parents feel about their daughter dating a woman? How do Gansey and Blue react to the relationship? (I could see either Helen and Orla making at least some effort to hide it, or Gansey and/or Blue being comically oblivious even though Helen and Orla are basically making out in front of them).

Wynonna Earp (TV)

I’m down for any ship in this fandom, so feel free to put whatever canon or non-canon ships you’d like in the background. (Don’t let my lack of a request for WayHaught fool you—I do like the ship, but there’s so many fics out there that I thought I’d focus my prompts on my rarer ships.)

For the Earpcest ships, I’d prefer no explicit underage/childhood sex.

Waverly Earp/Willa Earp

I’m good with either a childhood relationship and a look at how that plays into their interactions during Season 1 (Waverly’s jealousy of Willa is such an interesting dynamic, and I’d love to see a fic that explores how that would intersect with a romantic relationship), or Waverly developing a disturbing sexual attraction to Willa after Willa’s return from the dead.

Wynonna Earp/Willa Earp

I really love the idea of this relationship being a bit of a thing (or at least, the sisters being closer than is entirely normal) during the Earp girls’ childhood, and then how this past influences the way Wynonna and Willa interact after Willa comes back. Maybe Wynonna isn’t sure if Willa even remembers, and Willa plays on this worry?

Waverly Earp/Wynonna Earp

Waverly’s feelings of abandonment and jealousy of Wynonna’s position as the chosen one, Wynonna’s desire to protect Waverly from the Revenants and all other dangers of the world—this is the kind of dynamic I’d love to see explored with an incestuous affair added to the mix. Maybe Waverly decides to show Wynonna just how much she’s grown up after Wynonna returns?

Waverly Earp/The Blacksmith

I loved the few interactions we got to see in the show, and I would love any fic or art about this ship. Maybe something with the Blacksmith teaching Waverly more protective sigils/magic, and/or Waverly having her first bisexual attraction or a sexuality crisis? Or if you want to write something darker, Waverly’s reaction to the Blacksmith’s death.

Wynonna Earp/Nicole Haught

Wynonna and Nicole’s interactions during the episode where they get drunk in the police station are so shippy, and I desperately want to see them have a fling. (Nicole was totally hitting on her, and I’m continuing to headcanon Wynonna as bi despite the contradictions in canon.) I’d also love to see Wynonna’s reaction when she realizes that Waverly and Nicole are now dating, and by extension that she’s slept with her sister’s girlfriend.

Constance Clootie/Wynonna Earp

Femslash hatesex is my catnip, as is femslash hero/villain dub- or noncon. Maybe Wynonna tries to seduce Constance for information? Or maybe Constance decides to get revenge on Wynonna for the salt field?


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