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Thank you for writing/drawing for me! I've requested art and fic for all fandoms/ships, and I've tried to leave art-suitable prompts for all of them as well--but I'm not an artist, so feel free to leave an anon comment or contact me through the mods if you want more details.

All of the prompts are just suggestions! I'll be happy with any gift focusing on any of my requested ships. And feel free to put in any background ships you like; I've got no NOTPs in my requested fandoms.

As far as rating and subject matter go, I’m good with anything from the fluffiest hand-holding to the most dirtybadwrong noncon, and anything in between. Any level of violence or gore is also okay. I love fluff, I love angst, I love porn, and I will most likely love whatever you create for me! For the ships where one of the members dies in canon, I'm good with everyone-lives AUs, sad character death-centric gifts, gifts set before the death, or anything else you can think of.

My only DNW is pregnancy/mpreg/childbirth. I'm fine with mentions, but I'd prefer no detailed descriptions of pregnancies in fic or visual depiction of pregnant people in art.

In addition, I'm totally down for gifts portraying any of my requested characters as trans dudes, but if you do smut involving trans characters, I prefer no PIV sex.

I have a tag of previous letters if you want to see what I've requested in past exchanges. 

Note: I love all my requests equally, so please don't take length of prompts as indication of which ones I prefer! It's 100% an indication of which ones I had earlier prompts I could copy/paste and/or which ones belong to canons I watched/read/listened to recently, and 0% an indication of which ones I want more/less.

General likes include: kidfic/Accidental Baby Acquisition, supernatural AUs or plots (especially ghosts and/or fairies), 5+1 fics, sexuality angst/internalized homophobia (especially in historical fandoms), the Comes Back Wrong approach to resurrection fic, hurt/comfort (especially recovery fic for canonical trauma), characters dressing up fancy or going undercover in ways that require them to wear clothes they normally wouldn't, truth-serum or truth-spell-induced confessions of emotions

Porn-type likes include: pretty much anything under the BDSM umbrella, crossdressing/guys in dresses or fancy lingerie, sex pollen, characters accidentally stumbling into kinks they like (especially in historical fandoms), sex toys (especially vaguely historically accurate or magic sex toys where canon allows), rough sex, gunplay

Jane Eyre

St. John Rivers/Original Male Character - I've had a soft spot for St. John since I first read the novel (and I love whoever nominated this, because I thought I was alone sailing my queer St. John ship). I'd love to see a love story exploring the ideas we see him express about love, and maybe a crisis of faith. I could see something pre-canon that ended badly, leading to him steeling his heart against love and devoting himself to his calling, or something set during his time in India (and drawing from another prompt for this pairing, I definitely wouldn't mind an India-set fic exploring colonialism). For visuals, I'm very flexible with appearance headcanons but I did love Jamie Bell's portrayal, and I would love art set in a church.

Les Mis

I prefer canon-era or canon-divergent AUs rather than modern AUs. I'd love gifts focusing on political or revolutionary happenings, post-barricades grief/trauma, some wild 19th century partying, or anything else you'd like to write/draw! 

Enjolras/Marius Pontmercy - I primarily ship this as angry politics-fueled hatesex (and/or hate-makeouts), but if you’d prefer to take a different tack, feel free! I’ve only got prompts for hatesex, though. Picture Enjolras deciding he needs to talk some sense into this Pontmercy after his disastrous first meeting with Les Amis (after all, he’s a friend of Courfeyrac’s, so he can’t be completely oblivious). But the conversation escalates to another argument, and Enjolras’s dommy tendencies and Marius’s subby tendencies are awoken, and things escalate. Picture Enjolras’s outrage when he realizes that not only has he slept with a Bonapartiste, he probably didn’t even manage to change Marius’s opinions.

Bahorel/Enjolras - I love the contrast between Bahorel's exuberance and Enjolras's seriousness, and how at the same time they're still devoted to their cause. I'd love to see Bahorel tempting Enjolras into taking a break and enjoying himself, or the two of them side-by-side in a riot.

Combeferre/Marius Pontmercy - This is even more of a crackship than my other Les Mis ships, but recently I fell in love with the idea of a romantic/sexual encounter set after Marius's disastrous first meeting with the ABC. I could see either a continuation of their political debate growing into something more, or an attempt to apologize for frightening poor Marius growing into something more

Grantaire/Marius Pontmercy - The first live production of Les Mis I saw had Grantaire sit on Marius's lap and kiss him during Red and Black, and I've been in love ever since. I love the idea of Grantaire flustering, corrupting, and/or deflowering Marius, and Grantaire's snark and Marius's earnestness interacting. Grantaire and Marius getting drunk! Grantaire and Marius going to parties! Grantaire seducing Marius and being both dismayed and excited to find out he's a virgin!

Javert/Marius Pontmercy - My favorite reading of this ship is that Javert is a repressed dom and Marius is a repressed sub and they have horribly unnegotiated kinky sex and feel guilty for cheating on their partners all the while (or perhaps only Marius is cheating, if you’d rather not hook Javert up with Valjean). Really, though, anything with grumpy Javert and awkward Marius would be lovely!

Raven Cycle

I love the mixture of magic and teen drama in the series, and I'd love gifts that show the characters fumbling around and making mistakes (whether in the relationships in general or in smut specifically).

Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish  - I love the idea of these three/four accidentally falling into a relationship, with all of the being supportive and also being idiot teenagers that we see in canon. And if you want to work in Cabeswater weirdness, dream weirdness, and/or sex magic, I'd love that

Richard Gansey III/Henry Cheng - I loved their interactions in The Raven King, and I desperately want to see Henry's (probably disastrous, let's be honest) attempts to seduce Gansey, and/or how these two operate as a couple

Henry Cheng/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish - Everything above still goes, plus I'm especially interested in how Henry fits into the already-established group. Does he ask Gansey out, and discover that the rest of the gang comes along as a group package? Does he want the whole trio to begin with?

Magnificent Seven

In general, I'd love to see "casefic" exploring what other good deeds various members of the Seven might find themselves doing after Rose Creek (in an everyone-lives AU or otherwise), or post-canon fics focusing on grief. And as someone with a major weapons kink, I'd love art (or fic!) making use of the characters' guns or knives or bows, either for kink purposes or just as a visual.

Joshua Faraday/Vasquez - I loved the progression from rivalry and wariness to caring about each other that these two had in the movie, and I want all the fanworks for them, falling at any point along the development of their relationship. I've got a soft spot for fic/art showing the recovery process after an AU where Faraday survives the battle at Rose Creek, although I'd definitely be down for Vasquez mourning Faraday's death as well

Sam Chisolm/Goodnight Robicheaux - I am so fascinated by Sam and Goody's friendship and backstory, and I'd love to see how they came to be friends/lovers, or how that relationship would fit into the events of the movie

Sam Chisolm/Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks - I love the idea of Sam not quite sure how to feel about his old lover having a new boyfriend, until Goody and Billy seduce him together

Sam Chisolm/Vasquez/Red Harvest - I'm going to be honest, I'm not sure what dynamic I'm looking for here, but I love the idea of the three survivors of the 7 seeking solace in each other

Sam Chisolm/Joshua Faraday - I love the contrast of Faraday's attitude to Chisolm's, and if you're into porn, I'd love some daddy kink and/or Chisolm calling Faraday 'son'

Joshua Faraday/Teddy Q - I loved the scene where Faraday gives Teddy shooting lessons, and love the idea of Faraday taking it upon himself to teach Teddy the rules of seduction

Dark Matter - Michele Paver

Gus Balfour/Jack Miller - I loved everything about this book, from the claustrophobia of the setting and the haunting to how adorably in denial Jack was about his crush at the beginning. I'm ecstatic that other people are interested in fanworks about these two! I'd love an AU where Gus survives and he and Jack work through what the fuck happened at Gruhuken, or something where Jack realizes Gus has been trapped as a ghost and must return to free him. (I am fond of the ghost/haunting aspect of the novel, though, so I'd prefer that a gift for this ship not be a mundane AU.)

The Adventure Zone

This fandom would be, in my opinion, an especially great fit for sex pollen or truth spell (Zone of Truth!) shenanigans

Magnus Burnsides/Merle Highchurch/Taako - I just love the idea of these three together, from something set at the beginning of the podcast when they're just beginning to work together, to a work drawing from Stolen Century backstory and set during initial mission training or during their dimension-hopping. I'd love something set while they're camping out on one of their quests, with them ending up cuddling under the stars despite Taako and/or Merle's protests that this definitely doesn't mean they care about each other or anything

Magnus Burnsides/Taako - I love Magnus finding out that despite his grief, he's falling a bit in love again, and Taako finding that despite his best efforts, he cares about his travelling companion. It doesn't have to be true love, though--I like these two both as romantically involved and as friends with benefits (that goes for all my ships, really). I'd love to see Taako making romantic and/or sexual use of spells, or Magnus carving something for Taako

Sazed/Taako - I love the dimension that a romantic/sexual relationship adds to Sazed's betrayal and Taako's attitude towards Sazed. I'd love to see Sazed's perspective on the poisoning, or on a less angsty note, Taako and Sazed cooking together

Wynonna Earp

I love the monsters and the tropiness of canon. If you want to write a casefic or draw my requested ships fighting some demons, I would be very into that. Sex pollen, truth serum, and other tropes would also fit especially well in this canon, I think!

Xavier Dolls/Doc Holliday - I'm so here for grudging allies ending up, against their better judgment, liking each other. I'm especially into the Dolls/Doc dynamic after the season 2 premiere,and would love something set after that rescue.

Doc Holliday/Wyatt Earp - I love Old West settings, and Holliday and Earp definitely read to me in this canon as having something going on between them. I'd love some Earp curse backstory and historical-set slash!

Queen's Thief

I love the myths and gods and political intrigue in the series, and would love a gift that makes use of any of those (although I'd be just as happy with straight-up fluff or porn or whatever you'd like to make)!

Costis/Kamet - The culture clash between these two, Kamet adapting to life as a freedman, the sharing of myths and legends, Costis's mediocre Medean...there's nothing I don't love about these two and I desperately want more shippy content for them in my life. I'd love to see Kamet telling Costis more legends, how a romantic relationship would develop in parallel to the events in TaT, or what the two of them get up to post-Thick As Thieves (do they end up staying where they're sent, or do they get dragged back into politics?) And a porn prompt I've had stuck in my head since I read the book--Costis really wants to blow Kamet, and Kamet is absolutely scandalized, as that is not something a man like him should do to a slave. Art-wise, I'd love to see both of them reading together, or Costis interrupting Kamet's reading.

Costis/Eugenides - I love me some loyalty kink and royalty/commoner relationships! I'm especially into fanworks that play with their canonical roles/power dynamics, in a porny way or not (and listen, if you want to make me porn, Costis is such a sub). I'd also love to see Gen training Costis for espionage/his trip to the Mede Empire. I'd also love to see how Costis reacts to ending up as the king's lover, and if any rumors spring up/what Gen does to deter rumors.

Sophos/Eugenides - I'm interested in these two anywhere from during the events of The Thief to Conspiracy of Kings and beyond. Thief-set gifts would be fun in terms of identity porn, with neither of them knowing who the other really is. It would also be really interesting to see how both would balance a personal relationship with their royal duties (we already see this with their friendship in canon, but I'd love to see how romance would play into it). I'd love to see them stealing a kiss or a moment together while having to hide from those who might see.

Sophos/Ambiades - I'm very into Sophos having a bit of a hero-worship crush on Ambiades, and Ambiades finding him a exasperating but deciding he can use Sophos's feelings/indulge Sophos if it means getting some action


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