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Thank you for writing for me! I’m [archiveofourown.org profile] within_a_dream on AO3, and [tumblr.com profile] withinadream27 on Tumblr. I’ve also got a letters tag on my Dreamwidth if you’d like to take a look at my past requests. (Also, I promise that length and order of requests has nothing to do with what I’d prefer to receive! I’ve just had more time to think about prompts for some of my requested canons.)

My only squick is detailed descriptions of pregnancy or childbirth. Mentions of a character being pregnant are fine, but please don’t dwell on their appearance, or the side effects of pregnancy. (I’ve got a fandom or two that have a fair amount of focus on pregnancy—I’ll include details/exceptions in those specific sections.)

I love both gen and pretty much all ship configurations (any combination of genders, and both two-people and poly relationships). Also, I have very few NOTPs (all of which I’ll explicitly mention) and my main criterion for enjoying a ship is other people’s enthusiasm for said ship—if you ship something, feel free to write a fic focusing on it!

General tropes I like: hurt-comfort (especially based on canonical trauma or horrible experiences), 5 times or 5+1 fics, sexuality angst for historical fandoms, babysitting/Accidental Baby Acquisition, supernatural AUs (ghosts, zombie apocalypses, etc.)

Shippy stuff and kinks I like:
sex pollen, first times, sex toys (especially vaguely historically accurate sex toys for historical canons), pretty much anything under the BDSM umbrella (with a preference towards male sub and/or femdom, although if you’d prefer M/f I’ll enjoy that as well!), rough sex, characters in historical fandoms accidentally stumbling into kinks, kinky sex that’s unnegotiated or informally negotiated

Benjamin January Mysteries- Barbara Hambly
Characters: Any

Notes: for this fandom, I’d prefer no smut that kinks on slavery. This is also a fandom where a few of my requested characters are pregnant during the course of the series. I’m fine with fics set during these pregnancies, but I’d prefer no descriptions of the appearance of pregnant characters or the symptoms of pregnancy, and I don’t want sex scenes featuring pregnant characters.

I’m putting prompts for individual characters below, but a few notes: I’d love casefic, slice-of-life or domesticity fics, shipfic and/or porn (and I ship everything in this fandom), and any sorts of AUs (especially ones involving magic and/or supernatural creatures). I love how the series engages with serious issues but also contains tropey and fun scenarios, and whichever end of that spectrum your fic falls on is good with me.

In general, I’d love to see the January siblings interacting, characters interacting with their canon children and nieces/nephews, and fic centered around unusual combinations of characters.

  • Abishag Shaw: I love how Shaw uses people’s expectations of him to help his crime-solving, and I’ve really missed seeing him in the past few books in the series. I’d love a fic showing him on the job, what he does when he’s not working, or his perspective on the events of any of the books. I also ship Shaw with any combination of Ben/Rose/Hannibal (either as individuals or in various poly configurations), if you’re inclined to write something shippy.
  • Ayasha January: I’d love to see fic about Ayasha before she met Ben, or focusing on their time together in Paris. I would also love an AU where Ayasha survives somehow, and ends up in New Orleans meeting the main cast.
  • Benjamin January: It’s hard to think of Ben-specific prompts since he’s such a big part of the series, but a few things I’d love to see: casefic, Ben spending time with his family, shipfic involving pretty much anyone in the tagset, or prequel fic exploring his childhood, time in medical school, or marriage to Ayasha.
  • Chloe Viellard: I loved the way Chloe was introduced as an antagonist, and then her actual personality was revealed throughout the next two books. I ship her with Dominique, and would love to see a fic showing the workings of the Chloe/Henri/Dominique relationship (whether you include a Minou/Chloe romantic relationship or not). I’d also love gen fic focused on Chloe’s interests in math and the classics, and would love to see her interacting with any of the nominated characters, especially ones she doesn’t cross paths with in the series.
  • Dominique Viellard: I love how Minou seems to know everything about everyone in New Orleans, and would love this to come up in a fic. I’ve really enjoyed the times her skills come in useful in the canon mysteries, and would love to see that happen in a casefic. I’d also love to see her interacting with her siblings, or Charmian, and/or a fic focused on the dynamics of Chloe/Henri/Dominque. (And as I mentioned, I ship Chloe/Minou if you’re inclined to write me something shippy for them.)
  • Hannibal Sefton: I’d love to see a fic featuring Hannibal’s relationship with any of his canon love interests, or interacting with Ben and Rose in either a platonic or romantic way. I also like his relationship with Dominique (again, either platonic or romantic). I also love how much Hannibal-centric hurt-comfort the series provides, and always want more of that in fic.
  • Olympe Corbier: I’d love to see Olympe interacting with her husband/kids and/or her siblings/mom. A fic focusing on practicing voodoo would also be really interesting. I’ve also enjoyed the view of Olympe’s childhood, and would love to see an expansion of that in fic.
  • Rose Vitrac January: Things I love about Rose-centric fic include Rose doing science, Rose teaching, and shipfic involving pretty much characters in the series. I’d also love to see what Rose gets up to during the mysteries that take Ben out of New Orleans, or Rose interacting with Baby John and/or her nieces and nephews.

The Bright Sessions

Characters: Mark Bryant, Damian

When the second season ended, I found myself spending a lot of time wondering how Damian and Mark’s cross-country trip/run from Dr. Bright was playing out. As I write this, the third season hasn’t been released, but it’ll be out soon after assignments are sent. Feel free to ask me via the mods for third-season-compliant prompts (this is a podcast I listen to pretty much the day after each episode comes out), write something that the third season has jossed, or find a way to make my prompts work with the new canon!
  • Please show me anything and everything about how Mark adjusts to normal life after spending so long trapped as a transparent mind-being in the 19th century. What new pop culture and technology is he surprised by? How does he deal with occupying a corporeal form again, and one that’s been stationary for years at that? What’s the first thing he wants to do now that he’s back in the 21st century?
  • Damian doesn’t seem like he has many friends, or many normal interactions with people. I’d love to see him trying to ingratiate himself to Mark, and maybe some of the failures where he doesn’t come across as friendly as he intended.
  • I’d also love to see a fic showing Mark slowly realizing that something’s not right here, with Damian’s actions slowly tipping Mark off that his rescuer hasn’t been entirely honest with him. I’m definitely not opposed to this getting dark.
  • Do you ship Damian/Mark? I’m totally down with gen about them, but I’d also love shipfic. I love the idea of Mark falling for Damian not knowing the truth about his motivations, and Damian realizing this and manipulating Mark. I’m also convinced that Damian is really turned on by the idea of someone being able to resist his powers/overcome him, and I’d love a fic where Damian convinces Matt to use his mirroring powers for kinky purposes.

Dublin Murder Squad Series- Tana French

Characters: Any

What really drew me to this series is the eerie, almost-magical undercurrents that run through all the books. I’ve got prompts for all the characters below, but any fic that either plays into the atmosphere of the series or makes the canon events explicitly supernatural would be lovely. Casefic featuring any of the nominated characters would also be fantastic. I’m also very into porn featuring your favorite combination of characters (I’m partial to Stephen/Frank and Cassie/Sam/Rob, and I have some more specific prompts below, but I can’t think of anything in this series I wouldn’t ship).

I have prompts about all the characters in the tagset below, but feel free to mix and match. Also, I ship pretty much everything in this series, in case you want to write something shippy.
Note: as I write these prompts, I have The Trespasser on my bookshelf but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’ll be updating my letter with prompts for Aislinn Murray, Lucy Riordan and Rory Fallon by October 16 at the latest, and I’ll likely add some book-specific prompts for Conway and Stephen as well.

  • Germaine "Jamie" Rowan: The highlight of In the Woods for me was the disappearance of Jamie and Adam, and how it intertwined with the present-day case. I would love to see a vignette focusing on Jamie’s childhood with her friends, with the ominous future overshadowing things however strongly you’d like, or your take on what happened to Jamie. (If I were to write a fic, it would posit that she and Adam were kidnapped by fairies/the old gods/nature spirits/something of the sort, but I’m also excited to see other ideas.)
  • Abigail “Abby” Stone and Daniel March: I was fascinated by the dynamic between the five friends in The Likeness (and the way that “Lexi”’s return bends this dynamic to the breaking point), and I would love a fic that plays with that dynamic. I’m down for a fic that explores how Abby and Daniel’s relationship in particular interacts with the group dynamic as well. I’d also love a fic focusing on how, as revealed in the end of the novel, Daniel needs his friends far more than they need him.
  • My off-the-wall porn prompt for The Likeness (which doesn’t fit neatly under any single character, so I’m throwing it here) is for a full-house orgy, with Cassie having to decide how to deal with the fact that her suspects apparently have wild group sex frequently and are expecting her to join in. You could go full-on PWP here, or add in some angst based in the romantic tensions and conflicts we see throughout the novel. (Or a lot of angst! I always love angsty sex.)
  • Cassie Maddox: Cassie’s idea of her obligation to being a detective, and the feeling that she sacrificed something with her actions at the end of In the Woods, is fascinating to me, and I’ve always wondered if there was something subtly but actually magical about it. I would also love to see Cassie’s perspective on the events of In the Woods, or a casefic focusing on her time in DV.
  • Rob Ryan: I loved Rob’s strange jealousy at not being “good enough” to be taken along with his friends, and how this along with the disappearances themselves shaped his life. I feel like there’s something interesting there to be written about fate, and I’d love a character study or a case fic playing with this aspect of him. I’d also love a post-canon fic showing where he ends up a ways after In the Woods (hopefully with a less screwed-up idea of what, exactly, messed up his relationship with Cassie—that was an incredibly aggravating plotline, although it did make sense to me in terms of Rob’s characterization).
  • Sam O’Neill: One of the most interesting parts of Sam for me is that in a series where we’ve seen from nearly every major character’s point of view, there’s never been a Sam-narrated book. I’d love to see his perspective on the cases from the series, or a new case. I also really loved what we saw of his and Cassie’s relationship, and would love a fic that expands on what we saw in the series.
  • The Cassie/Rob/Sam prompts: I’m really into the idea of a slight AU where these three fall into something between platonic make-outs and a poly relationship throughout the Devlin case, and then that relationship falling to pieces along with Cassie and Rob’s friendship, for the same reasons. I also like the idea of Cassie and Sam cautiously fitting Rob back in a few years post-canon, and all of the angst and emotions that would go along with that.
  • Rosie Daly: I’m not sure what the original nominator was thinking, but seeing Rosie’s name in the tagset made me want ALL the ghost!fic. Rosie haunting the apartments, haunting her murderer, haunting her family, haunting Frank, watching the cops find her body. I also loved the bits of living Rosie we got to see, and would love backstory fic showing more of her life.
  • Frank Mackey: There are so many ways to go with Frank-centric fic, and I would love all of them! Frank undercover, Frank interacting with his family, more exploration of the class difference he felt between himself and Olivia’s family, Frank and Holly, and shipfic pairing him with Stephen or Cassie are all great. I especially loved the way Faithful Place conveyed the Mackey family dynamics, and how other characters tended to assume Frank was exaggerating his family’s dysfunction. A fic exploring something along those lines would also be lovely.
  • Olivia: I loved the role Olivia played in making readers question some of what Frank asserted as fact (e.g. the reason their marriage broke up), and I’d love to see Olivia’s perspective on any of the events of Faithful Place. It was chaotic experiencing it through the eyes of a character who had all the information—how did Olivia react to the events of the novel, without the full backstory that Frank (and through him, the readers) possessed?
  • Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy: What fascinates me is the way Scorcher loses his faith that the world is inherently just by the end of Broken Harbor. I would love post-canon fic exploring the impact this crisis of faith has on him. I also liked how the book hinted at something sinister dwelling at Broken Harbor, and I’d love a fic that made this thing explicitly supernatural and pitted Scorcher against it (maybe he needs to rescue his sister?) I could see him convincing himself that this force is what destroyed his family and drove his sister crazy, and if he can defeat it things will be right again, but of course it doesn’t work out that simply.
  • Antoinette Conway: I love this lone detective surrounded by coworkers who hate her, who presses on anyway. Casefic or a look into her time in the office would be great, as would a fic showing her perspective on the events of The Secret Place. Note: I suspect I’ll add a few more prompts after I finish reading The Trespasser, and feel free to use the events of that book in your fic.
  • Stephen Moran: Again, I love seeing the characters in this series on the job, and casefic would be great. I’m especially interested in Stephen’s method of interviewing people and his careful analysis of the impression he’s making on everyone he speaks to. Shipwise, I would love Stephen/Frank, Stephen/Scorcher, or Stephen/Conway playing with their roles on the job and the power dynamics between them.
ETA: Trespasser-centric prompts

Aislinn's storyline was fascinating, and I'd love something showing some of the events of the novel from her POV. The same goes for Lucy, and I'd love Aislinn/Lucy shipfic or Lucy->Aislinn pining. I'd also love to see Rory's perspective of events--how much of the conflict in the Murder Squad, if any, did he notice? How worried was he about going down for the murder?

I have a few new Antoinette prompts, too. I'd like to see some of her time with Missing Persons, or an outside view on her time with the Murder Squad. I also really enjoyed how she reacted to meeting her father, and I'd love to see a fic focusing on her childhood, and when she realized she'd stopped caring about meeting him.

Houdini and Doyle

Characters: Adelaide Stratton

I don’t ship Adelaide with Houdini or Doyle romantically, but I love her interactions with them, how she’s often exasperated by their antics (especially Houdini’s, let’s be real) but cares deeply about them as well.

One season of cases was just not enough for me, so I would love casefic featuring Adelaide, either during the timeline of the show, or pre-show fic before the appearance of Houdini and Doyle. Or if you’re open to OC romance, I love the idea of a bi Adelaide, and would love to see her attempts to sneak around and hide her dating, and Houdini and Doyle’s reactions if they find out. (I know the show has done some Very Special Episode-type reactions to marginalized characters, but I’d prefer period-accurate attitudes [or smoothing over historical homophobia if you’d like] without the lecturing or lessons that seem to come with these plots in historical dramas.)

I do have one off-the-wall AU prompt, which you are free to ignore: at the very beginning of the plotline with Adelaide’s husband, I got it into my head that he was a beard, and Adelaide was a lesbian with a secret lover. Obviously, canon soon contradicted that, but I’d love a redo of the husband plotline where it’s actually her female lover who has returned and is [SPOILERS] a foreign spy.

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë

Characters: Jane Eyre
I don’t have a One True Jane Ship (although I am partial to femslash), so feel free to write gen or pair her off with anyone you’d like. A note on Rochester: your fic can portray him in as positive or as negative a light as you desire, and I’ll still enjoy it.

  • I’ve always been drawn to how out-of-place Jane is throughout the novel, and how her narrative arc is a search for a place where she fits as much as (or more so than) a romance. A fic exploring how that plays out in the various settings throughout the canon would be great
  • I’m really into Jane Eyre as a changeling narrative, and I would love a fic where Jane is literally a fairy changeling, with Thornfield being Fairyland. Something that plays with Jane’s sense of not fitting in during her childhood, and/or the creepier side of fairies in folklore, would be amazing. Rochester as a fairy is also a reading/possibility I’d love to see.
  • I’m also really into Jane and Bertha interacting. I loved the creepiness of Jane knowing something was wrong at Thornfield and not knowing what. I’d also love for the two to properly meet and for Jane to come to see her in a more sympathetic light. If you’re down for shipping them, I’m interested in anything from a happily-ever-after that results in Jane and Bertha riding off into the sunset together, to some dirtybadwrong dub- or noncon set when Jane still has no idea Bertha exists.

Shamer Chronicles- Lene Kaaberbol

Characters: Any (i.e. Rose, Tano, Davin, Dina, and Nico)

If these prompts look familiar, it’s because they’re slightly edited versions of my Shamer Chronicles prompts from last year.

I read the English translations, and I haven’t seen the film or the musical. If you read a version with different names, feel free to use the
character names you’re most comfortable with!

If you haven’t read the series: The Shamer Chronicles is a 4-book YA series (at least, the YA section is where my library shelved it) focusing on Dina Tonerre, who’s inherited a mystical power from her mother. She can look into anyone’s eyes and make them feel ashamed of the wrongs they’ve committed. The series has fascinating worldbuilding, a reluctant heir to the throne who’s forced to lead a rebellion, ample hurt-comfort opportunities, and the first book is available for only $4 including shipping on (US) Amazon! You should definitely join me in my tiny fandom :)

In case you’re picking up the fandom for the first time, I’ve split my prompts into two categories. Here are the prompts that rely only on the first book:

  • We hardly see anything of Davin in this book, and I’d love to see something from his point of view during the time that Dina and her mother are in Dunark. When does he first realize that something’s wrong? How does he handle caring for and comforting Melli? Or, how does he react once the group returns home?
  • I would also love either Nico’s POV on any of the events of the book, or any sort of backstory involving him. I’m a sucker for both hurt/comfort and unadulterated angst, and Nico’s childhood has plenty of opportunities for both. I’d also love to see his first night in prison, or some of his interactions with Master Maunus.
  • 8-year-old-me loved Dina (and 20-year-old-me still does!) so I’d be happy with anything focusing on her. We see her adjusting to her powers throughout the first book, but I’d love to see how she first discovered them, and/or pre-book scenes of the other villagers reacting to her new powers.
  • Rose goes out of the frying pan and into the fire this book, with her leaving her abusive family to stay with wanted traitors embroiled in a rebellion. I’d love to see her thoughts on the events of the book (and I ship Rose/Dina if you want to add hints of a crush)
Full-series prompts (spoilers ahead!):

  • One of the reasons I fell in love with this series was its exploration of the effects of trauma, but I can never get enough recovery and hurt-comfort fic. Something with any of the characters (including those I haven’t requested) getting used to life post-Drakan/post-series resolution would be lovely.
  • I’d also love to see Dina as an adult, working as a Shamer. Perhaps a casefic-type story, where she has to investigate a crime and find the culprit (maybe a crime that brings back bad memories of her childhood?). In addition, I’d love to see how her father’s powers play into her work as a Shamer.
  • I love Rose/Dina, Tano/Dina, and Rose/Dina/Tano, as lovers and/or friends. Post-canon fic focused on any of these groupings would be lovely, especially something focused on how important it is for Dina to have friends who can look her in the eyes.
  • If kidfic is your thing, I’d love to see Dina working with an apprentice of her own (her child, or her niece/nephew?)
  • I’ve shipped Davin and Nico since I first read this series in elementary school; I was gifted an amazing shippy fic about them last year, but I always want more for one of my first-ever OTPs. I especially like the idea of them getting together in the aftermath of their time imprisoned in The Serpent Gift. If you write something involving them getting together during the series, I’d love to see how their relationship affects Davin’s view of Nico’s decision at the end of The Shamer’s War.
  • We get to see a bit more of Nico’s backstory in the last book, and I’d love something exploring his relationship with Carmian and the apparent time he spent with a gang of criminals.
  • I’d also love a post-canon fic showing what Nico does after the end of the fourth book. Where does he go? Does he ever come back? I had mixed feelings about him abandoning Carmian to rule alone after I first finished the series—does she ever find out what happened to him?
  • My desire for post-canon fics also goes for Rose, Davin, and Tano. They’ve all been through so much, and I’d love to see how they deal with these experiences and go forward in their lives after the series ends. Fic from any one of their perspectives, or the POV of an original child of one of the main cast, would be great.


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