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Thank you for writing or drawing for me! I’m within_a_dream on AO3, and I’ve got a tag of previous letters if you want to see more of what I like.

My DNWs are anything focusing on pregnancy, oviposition, or expansion. I’d also prefer that any noncon be kept to the pairings and/or kinks where I requested it. Otherwise, feel free to run wild with additional kinks! I’m pretty easy to please.

I’d also prefer nothing dwelling on infidelity. Feel free to just gloss over or not mention why a character is sleeping with someone who’s not their canonical spouse for applicable pairings. (Or you can go for poly relationships! I’m pretty into polyamory in my fanfic, but I get that not everyone is.)

I’ve kept this letter mostly to what I like about the kinks, but previous letters will have details about what I like in certain ships if you’d like more details. Also, my prompts are only suggestions—unless it contains one of my DNWs, I will read and love pretty much any sex scene, so write what inspires you! (As a note, I'm good with vaginal, oral, anal, or any other type of sex for any of my requested ships!)

Les Mis

Marius Pontmercy/Tentacles, Cosette Fauchelevent/Éponine Thénardier, Cosette Fauchelevent/Grantaire/Marius Pontmercy, Courfeyrac/Marius Pontmercy, Grantaire/Marius Pontmercy

Instructional Sex, Sex Toys, Cross Dressing, Tentacles, Internalized Homophobia, Pegging, Rough Sex, Spitroasting, Overstimulation, Consent Play/Rape Roleplay, Tentacles

In general, I slightly prefer canon era, but if you’re more comfortable writing/drawing modern AU, feel free to take that route! 
For Cosette/Eponine, I love them anywhere on the spectrum from very fluffy to very angsty. Feel free to focus on their shared childhoods as much or as little as you'd like. 
For Grantaire/Marius(/Cosette): These are my ridiculous rarepairs, so I'll explain a little more of what I like about the ships (from a previous letter).: I’m fond of Grantaire introducing Marius to Paris and politics, and being much worse of an influence than Courfeyrac. Grantaire “corrupting” Marius and Cosette is my ideal dynamic.
Courfeyrac/Marius: I love sheltered Marius being introduced to the world of sex and intimacy by Courfeyrac. 
Instructional sex: I would love Marius and/or Cosette being taught. 
For both sex toys and pegging, I’d especially like historical sex toys in canon era. (Note that I have no knowledge of historical sex toys—you can describe or draw them however you want as long as they sound vaguely historical.)
Crossdressing: feel free to have either men or women crossdressing.
Spitroasting is specifically for my requested OT3 (Grantaire/Marius/Cosette). My first thought was Marius in the middle, but feel free to go for Grantaire as well. 
Rough Sex: You can go wild with this one, although I’ve got a special soft spot for people accidentally discovering during sex that their partner likes it rough.
Internalized Homophobia: I’d like for Marius to be the one with internalized homophobia in any of the pairings including him, and Cosette in Cosette/Eponine. 
Overstimulation: I’d prefer Marius and/or Cosette to be the overstimulated party.
Consent Play/Rape Roleplay: I am convinced that Marius is the subbiest sub, and also that he feels pretty ashamed of these desires. I’d love to see anything involving Marius’s partner(s) coaxing his rape fantasies out of him and helping him act them out. I would also love to see Cosette wanting Eponine to (pretend to) take her against her will. 
I’ve requested Marius Pontmercy/Tentacles specifically, but I would be happy with tentacles inserted into any of my requested ships. I’m down for either consentacles, or non-con tentacle action (bonus points for the other parts of the pairing watching in horror and then comforting the tentacled partner afterwards).

The Raven Cycle

Blue Sargent/Gwenllian, Noah Czerny/Barrington Whelk, Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent

Crossdressing, Awkward Sex, Rough sex, Lipstick on men, lingerie, BDSM, Overstimulation

I’ve selected underage here: I’m not big on age difference kink, but I would love porn with an emphasis on how these characters are (mostly) teenagers fumbling around.

Blue Sargent/Gwenllian: I think I might be the only person sailing this ship, but I just love the idea of Blue having a bisexual awakening because of Gwenllian, and Gwenllian finding this both amusing and sexy.

Noah/Whelk: My favorite dynamic is Noah falling hard for Whelk, and Whelk sleeping with him but not reciprocating the romantic feelings (and also not caring much about Noah's pleasure). If you want to work this in as backstory for the other Noah ships, that is also good!

Noah/Blue/Gansey: I love Blue and Gansey using Noah as a proxy for physical and sexual contact. I'm good with either fluffy and happy content for these three, or something more angsty where Noah cares more about Blue and/or Gansey than they care about him.

Blue/Gansey/Noah/Ronan/Adam: I would just love to see my OT5 getting it on! I'm especially fond of the group accidentally falling into a relationship.

Crossdressing, Lipstick on Men, Lingerie: These three kinda go together (although of course you can feel free to pick and choose which one/s you portray). I am convinced that Blue, at some point, convinces at least some of the Raven Boys to let her give them a makeover, and then things go in a sexy direction. A makeover would be a great way to go for Blue/Gwenllian too. And for Noah/Whelk, I could see pre-death Noah dressing up either because Whelk tells him to or because he wants to.

Awkward Sex: Please give me all the awkward sex! These guys are mostly so young (besides Gwenllian, who is probably also awkward at sex due to the whole being-buried-alive-for-centuries thing). I want to see them screwing up and ending up more amused then aroused, if that’s a thing you’re interested in creating!

BDSM: This is pretty vague, but I’m down with pretty much anything BDSM-related. I especially love to see characters stumble into their kinks accidentally and without much discussion. (And if you’re writing Noah/Whelk, I am definitely down for dubiously-consensual kink.)
Overstimulation: This is one of my favorite kinks, and I’m good with you applying it to any character in my requested ships

Benjamin January

Benjamin January/Hannibal Sefton, Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton, Chloë Viellard/Dominique Viellard

Historical Roleplay, Pegging, Hair-pulling, Costume kink, Bodyswap

Benjamin/Hannibal(/Rose): I love how much these characters care about each other, and enjoy seeing that transferring to sex. I usually headcanon Hannibal as the one who suggests the kinks in these relationships, but that's flexible.

Minou/Chloe: I loved seeing this dynamic progress from distrust to friendship in the books, and I'd love a gift that either shows how they ended up sleeping together, or that just takes for granted that they're fucking and skips straight to the porn. I especially love seeing Chloe as nervous and inexperienced.

Historical Roleplay: Given that most of the characters have a pretty broad knowledge of history, I’d love to see what they come up with in terms of sexy historical roleplay (which can go as well or as badly as you would like!)

Pegging: The world needs more Rose pegging fic. I’ve got no real preference for who’s on the receiving end. (And I know it’s a bit out of the definition of the kink, but I wouldn’t mind some Minou/Chloe strap-on sex either!)

Hair-Pulling: I’ve got a slight preference for Hannibal or Chloe being the one who likes their hair pulled.

Costume Kink: Perhaps part of the ship has been off doing some Important Detective Work (or attending an Important Ball or what have you), and their partner/s find themselves very aroused at the sight of their clothing?

Bodyswap: I desperately want to see the characters’ reactions to a body swap. (Rose would definitely want to bang everyone for Science, and I have a feeling Chloe would too).

The Masqueraders


Internalized Homophobia, Cross Dressing, Costume Kink, Exhibitionism, Pegging, Biting

I picked this fandom up for Yuletide (for a fic I never ended up writing…) and I’m ecstatic that someone else nominated it! I don’t have a ton of preferences for the kinks in this one—throw them in however you like. I just want to see more of these characters’ sex lives, with gender shenanigans/crossdressing if you’re into that. (Feel free to be as incestuous or not-incestuous as you’d like with Robin and Prudence in the threesomes and moresomes.)

I’m not going to list my likes for specific ships because they’re basically all the same: the banter, the matching of wits, the crossdressing shenanigans. 

Internalized homophobia: my preference is for Letty to have been attracted to Robin since she first met him, and working through her guilt about that with lots of crossdressing sex post-marriage. But feel free to run with any of the other characters if that’s what strikes your fancy!

Crossdressing, costume kink, and pegging are basically an extension of my want for more playing around with gender. I’ve got no specific preferences for who’s dressing up or wearing the strap-on.

I requested exhibitionism for the threesome and foursome—I would be ecstatic with one of the characters just sitting back and watching their spouse have sex with someone else. (And you definitely don’t need to make it incest, but if you’re into it, this is a fandom where I wouldn’t mind incestuous implications.)

Biting: I pictured Robin (or maybe Letty?) being the one doing the biting, but feel free to work it in however you’d like.

Queen’s Thief

Attolia/Eugenides/Costis, Ambiades/Sophos

Meddling Gods/Godlike Beings, BDSM, Rough Sex, Overstimulation, Hero Worship, Bondage, Bruises

Gen/Attolia/Costis: These three have such an interesting dynamic in canon...I'd love to see what happens when you add sex to the mix. Costis views Attolia and Eugenides as monarchs first, humans second, and I'd love to see how that plays into their sexual dynamics.

Ambiades/Sophos: I've shipped this since my first time reading The Thief in middle school, and I just desperately want to see porn about them.

Meddling Gods: This one is mostly for the threesome. I could totally see the gods getting involved in Gen’s sex life (I’ll leave the how up to you, although what comes to mind immediately is godly voyeurism that only Gen notices), and I’d love to see everyone’s reaction to it.

BDSM: I like pretty much everything under the BDSM umbrella. For the threesome, I’d love to see how consensual BDSM interacts with Eugenides and Attolia’s past…I could see Costis getting brought in as a (fully consenting) proxy because Attolia is hesitant to hurt her husband.

For Ambiades/Sophos, on the other hand, I’d prefer less negotiation and more falling into D/s dynamics (probably with Ambiades domming, but if you’d rather have dom!Sophos, I can get down with that too).

Rough Sex: Basically my desires for BDSM can be applied here too, just with less formality in dynamics.

Overstimulation: Slight preference for Costis, Eugenides, or Sophos being the overstimulated one.

Hero Worship: This one is mostly for Sophos -> Ambiades. I’d love to see this play into their dynamics.

Bondage: Feel free to have anyone tying anyone else up, although I’ve got a special preference for Costis or Sophos being the one getting bound.

Bruises: Work the bruises in however you’d like! Special points for having the bruiser taking care to make sure the bruises won’t be visible to anyone else.

Agent Carter

Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli, Peggy Carter/Anna Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis, Anna Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis

Pegging, Roleplay, Rough Sex, Sex In A Car

Edwin Jarvis/Ana Jarvis(/Peggy Carter)
: I love everything we've seen of Edwin and Ana's relationship, and I want to see them getting it on. For the threesome, Mr. Jarvis is so close to Peggy in canon, and I'd love to see how Peggy gets worked into Ana and Edwin's relationship.

Peggy/Angie: I especially love Peggy being surprisingly nervous about the relationship itself or the kinks involved, and Angie impatiently coaxing her into things.
Pegging: Jarvis needs to get pegged, and I will take either Peggy or Anna wearing the strap-on.

Roleplay: I can see either Angie or the Jarvises being into patently ridiculous roleplay scenarios, and Peggy going from being amused but playing along to really enjoying herself.

Rough Sex: I’ve got no real specifications here; I just love rough sex and would love to read it for any of my requested ships.

Sex In A Car: I’d also love this for any ships, but if that ship involves Edwin Jarvis I would especially love for the work to include him being worried about dirtying or damaging the car.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Phryne Fisher/Dorothy "Dot" Williams, Phryne Fisher/Dorothy "Dot" Williams/Hugh Collins/Jack Robinson, Elizabeth MacMillan/Original Female Character, Hugh Collins/Jack Robinson, Phryne Fisher/Elizabeth MacMillan, Elizabeth
MacMillan/Daisy Murphy

Internalized Homophobia, Pegging, Praise Kink, Crossdressing, Costume Kink, Orgasm delay/denial, Gun Kink, Overstimulation

I’ve requested every nominated ship except Phryne/Jack—that’s not because I don’t like Phryne/Jack (I love it quite a bit), but there’s already a lot of great fic out there for them, and I’d like to receive a gift for one of my rarer ships. So feel free to have background Jack/Phryne for any of the ships I've requested (or Jack/Phryne action in the foursome).

Elizabeth MacMillan/Original Female Character, Elizabeth MacMillan/Daisy Murphy, Elizabeth MacMillan/Phryne Fisher: I just want more Mac-centric femslash in my life! Feel free to run wild with the kinks and dynamics involved.

Phryne/Dot: Phryne being Dot's mentor and helping her work through her Catholic guilt with lots and lots of sex is something I want to see all the fic for, and sadly, there is a great shortage of this in the fandom.

Jack/Hugh Similar to Phryne/Dot, I love the potential for mentor/mentee dynamics, and possibly internalized homophobia.

Jack/Phryne/Hugh/Dot Feel free to get all four of them together however you'd like, or skip the setup and go straight to the porn. I'd love to see Jack and Phryne showing Hugh and Dot the ropes, so to speak.

Internalized Homophobia: Feel free to apply this to any of the characters in any of my pairings. Internalized homophobia in historical fandoms is my catnip.

Pegging: Again, I’ll take this with any character combination.

Praise Kink: I’m so into people getting off on being told how good they’re being, especially with femslash ships.

Crossdressing: I’m into both men wearing dresses and women wearing suits, so throw this in wherever you’d like

Costume Kink: Something with investigations and one character finding themselves turned on by the disguise another character is wearing would be wonderful.

Orgasm delay/denial: I’m especially into this for Dot or Hugh in the ships involving them.

Gun Kink: I requested this with Hugh and Jack in mind…I’d be very into Jack pulling a gun on Hugh (in a sexy way, of course), or Phryne getting ahold of Jack’s gun and bringing it into the bedroom.

Overstimulation: If you’ve read my requests for my other fandoms, you probably know the drill for this one. I’m down for you applying this kink to any ship.


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