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Thank you for writing or drawing for me! I’m within_a_dream on AO3, and I have a tag of previous exchange letters if you’d like to get a better idea of my interests. (A note: I’ve requested either fic or art for all of my ships, but I’d be happy with extra treats of any of the types allowed by the fest.)

My only DNW
is pregnancy/childbirth. I’m fine with mentions of characters being pregnant or having kids, but would prefer no detailed descriptions of pregnancy (e.g. morning sickness/other complications, the baby kicking, sex while pregnant) or childbirth. In art, I’d prefer not to see pregnant characters.

I’m good with anywhere from fluff to everyone-dies angst, and any levels of gore or sexual explicitness. Most of my prompts default to a triad instead of a V, but feel free to switch up those dynamics if you’d like! I’m pretty flexible in terms of relationship configurations.

General likes include
: hurt/comfort, babysitting/Accidental Baby Acquisition/characters spending time with canonical children, sexuality angst (especially if it’s resolved by makeouts/etc.), 5+1 fics, supernatural AUs (ghosts, zombies, fairies, or whatever else you’d like to throw in)

Porn-type likes include
: Pretty much anything under the BDSM umbrella (especially with historical characters accidentally discovering that they like a kink), sex or sexy roleplay going hilariously wrong, sex pollen, crossdressing, oral sex and masturbation as the main event
I requested all of the fandoms below in Smut Swap 2016, so my Smut Swap letter might be helpful if you want to write or draw pornier gifts!

I've tried to include both fic-geared prompts and art-geared prompts, but I'm not an artist, so apologies if I didn't succeed! Feel free to leave comments (anon or not) with questions if you'd like to get a better idea of what I like in art.

(I’m signing up last-minute, so most of these prompts are either written on the fly or copied from previous letters. Just FYI!)

Benjamin January mysteries- Barbara Hambly

In general, for this fandom, I love the musical aspects, and also love seeing characters interact with the children in the books. I also love getting-together stories, especially with characters overcoming fears or doubts about the relationship (do they really love me? can we really sustain such a scandalous/unconventional relationship? etc)

Chloë Viellard/Dominique Viellard/Henri Viellard

This relationship has fascinated me since we met Chloë. We saw a bit of Chloë and Minou interacting in Wet Grave, but I’d love to see more, as well as how Henri plays into things. How do the three of them negotiate their relationship (or do they just never discuss it?) I tend to ship this as a V, with Minou involved with both Chloë and Henri, and Chloë a lesbian who’s only married to Henri for convenience’s sake, but if you favor having Chloë and Henri romantically and/or sexually involved, I’m also down with that!

I’d love to see Chloë and Henri’s wedding and wedding night, perhaps compared or contrasted with Chloë/Minou, Henri/Minou, or all three of them together.

If you’ve read Good Man Friday, there’s a scene which made me decide that Minou is fond of ridiculous, overexaggerated sexy roleplay…do with that what you will.

I’d also love to see domesticity with the three of them, perhaps spending an afternoon reading and/or spending time with Charmian.

Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton

I love the friendship dynamic of these three in the books, and I’d love anything that expands that dynamic to a romantic relationship. I’d love to see how the three of them ended up as a triad, or any events of the books reexamined from a shippy perspective. I’d also love to see them doing science or making music or solving mysteries together!

Ayasha January/Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton

I love the idea of Ayasha getting to interact with the rest of the cast of characters. I’d love a gift that comes up with some explanation for how Ayasha ends up in New Orleans (or how Rose and Hannibal end up in Paris), but I’d also love an AU that sidesteps Ayasha’s death entirely by setting the whole thing in modern times, a fantasy world, etc. I just really want to see how Ayasha gets along with Rose and Hannibal, and how Ben’s relationships would play out if Ayasha hadn’t died.

Ayasha January/Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Hannibal Sefton/Abishag Shaw
, Benjamin January/Rose Vitrac January/Abishag Shaw

Everything above still goes, but I’d love to see how Shaw ends up involved romantically with the rest of the ship/s. He’s not as emotionally involved with the rest of the characters in the books, and I’d love to see what got him to open himself up to a romantic relationship. I’d also love to see a more tender moment with him, something romantic with the other ship members or something involving Shaw interacting with Ben and Rose’s child or nieces/nephews.

Les Miserables- All Media Types

A lot of my ships don’t meet in canon. Feel free to take whatever route you’d like to get around that—everyone lives and/or post-Seine AU, some people live AU, Cosette meets the Amis sooner AU, modern AU, whatever you’d like!

Cosette Fauchelevent/Grantaire/Marius Pontmercy

I may be sailing this ship all by myself. But hear me out—you have Cosette and Marius, surprisingly fluffy and innocent given their pasts, and then you throw in cynical, sarcastic Grantaire. I love the idea of Grantaire “corrupting” them both—either in a sexual sort of way, or just making them forget about propriety for a while. Picture the Pontmercys taking Grantaire to dinner with Gillenormand, and the absolute disaster that would result.
Or picture Marius and/or Cosette at a meeting of Les Amis, and Grantaire finding ways to distract them that infuriate everyone. Imagine Grantaire goading Marius on some philosophical topic or other until finally Marius responds, and Grantaire is thrilled that Pontmercy has grown a spine. Or imagine Grantaire deciding to try out his oratory on Cosette, and finding that she’s a keen and well-read conversationalist.

In addition to the prompts above, you could show me how they end up together, if any of them feels guilty about their relationship setup (and how they overcome said guilt), how Grantaire fits into the Pontmercys’ marriage, and/or Grantaire interacting with future Pontmercy children.

Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy/Éponine Thénardier

I like this ship as either very fluffy or very angsty. (Or both, if you want to combine them!) Fluff-wise, if you want to create an AU where Éponine survives the barricades, or do some domestic scenes with the three of them (and perhaps a kid or kids?), that would be lovely!

Angst-wise, I’d really like to see an exploration of how they end up getting together and working through all of their baggage. Cosette and Éponine both have a lot of shit to work through from their childhoods, and Marius is not quite sure what’s going on and also feeling anxious about the relationship (because what doesn’t Marius feel anxious about?), and I’d love to see the three of them brought to an emotional resolution.

Courfeyrac/Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy

My favorite configuration of this triad is established Marius/Courfeyrac when they’re roommates (with some nervous guilt on Marius’s part and a failure to notice this guilt on Courfeyrac’s part). Then Marius meets Cosette, he’s worried he’ll have to leave Courfeyrac forever, and then someone explains polyamory to him. (Bonus points if this is canon-era: it doesn’t have to be at all historically accurate if you’re worried, but I’m always a sucker for historical sexuality angst.)

I’d also love something with Courfeyrac present during the Pontmercys’ wedding night (either a Courf-lives AU or a ghost AU, or anything else you can think of). Or Courfeyrac (dandy that he is) dressing Marius and Cosette up for a night on the town. Cosette is thrilled, Marius…not so much.

Grantaire/Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta

Best-friends-turned-lovers is a great dynamic, and please picture the chaos these four could create. It would be marvelous. I tend to think of this as established J/B/M adding Grantaire, but I could also see established J/B introducing their new mistress to their friend-with-benefits Grantaire. I’d love to see something about them getting together, or domesticity/a date night.

More specific prompts: maybe they get wildly drunk and the next morning have to reconstruct their doings the previous night, a la The Hangover? Maybe Musichetta decides to put all of her boyfriends in dresses?

Javert/Montparnasse/Jean Valjean

This is another ship-of…well, not one, but very few. Someone requested this in a Les Mis exchange a few years ago, and I’ve been stuck on it ever since. They’d have the most interesting and hilarious dynamics—Montparnasse initially just wanting to con the both of them, Valjean wanting to help Montparnasse live a more upright life, Javert torn between wanting to protect Valjean from a clearly dangerous criminal and his guilty boner for Montparnasse—and I’d love to see how they get from there to an actual relationship.

In my opinion, this would be an especially great ship for Accidental Baby Acquisition or related tropes (Valjean would be great with babies, the others…not so much). I’m also fond of Javert as either a conflicted sadist or a conflicted masochist, but too guilty to act out those desires with Valjean. Montparnasse could serve as a willing and convenient proxy at first, until Valjean figures out what’s going on and they all talk about their kinks.

It would also be fun to see them spending a relaxing evening at home together, maybe with a humorous twist. I’m picturing Valjean reading, and Javert and Montparnasse both bored out of their minds, but go wherever the prompt takes you!

Raven Cycle- Maggie Stiefvater

(These prompts are shorter than I’d like them to be, but please don’t think that means I’m any less excited about these requests! I just don’t have enough sign-ups with TRC prompts to crib from)

Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent

Cuddle parties! Group naps! Everyone taking care of each other. Group makeouts and/or orgies if you're into that. Maybe something exploring how they figured out the relationship/set boundaries? Or Blue breaking out the makeup and giving everyone makeovers. (Just...think about Blue's taste in clothes and then transfer it to makeup. I feel like the results would be amazing.)

I love the magical elements of the books, and I’d love a gift that plays with Cabeswater and/or Ronan’s dreaming. (If you’re planning on gifting me smut, I’d especially love porn featuring those elements.)

Henry Cheng/Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent
, Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish/Blue Sargent/Henry Cheng

All of the above with Henry added still applies. I’m also really interested in how Henry fits into the established dynamics of Blue/Gansey and/or the
whole gang. I’m totally in the camp of reading Henry as flirting with Gansey in TRK, which means this kid has some seriously weird ideas of how to seduce people. First-time fic playing on that, maybe?

Queen’s Thief series- Megan Whalen Turner


One of my favorite things about this ship is the power imbalance. Costis very clearly views Attolia and Eugenides as monarchs rather than humans, which would make his relationship with them very interesting indeed? Who invites him to bed? Do they prefer to order him around, or let him take charge? If you want to get into D/s dynamics, I have a vague headcanon that Gen is a stubborn and mouthy sub—although things with Irene are complicated now because of their history, of course (maybe that’s where Costis comes in!). I’d love to see the same themes of overcoming power imbalance in non-porny works as well

I’d also love to see more of Attolia and Costis interacting, if you’d like. We see a fair bit of Gen and Costis interacting in The King Of Attolia, but I’d love to see Costis and Irene talk, especially involved in this romantic relationship (whether as a triad or two sides of a V).

If you’re willing to delve into canon politics, I’d also love to see Gen and/or Irene training Costis for an important mission.
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