Mar. 15th, 2016

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Hello, and thank you for writing for me! I’ll start off with a list of general things I like:
  • Fantasy, sci-fi, and historical settings (Although I like all other settings and genres, too)
  • Prose that tends towards the poetic (e.g. unusual turns of phrase, unconventional structure, etc)
  • On a related note, unconventional narrative voices
  • Any and all points of view and perspectives (e.g. first person present, second person, etc)
  • Any (or no!) relationship configurations. Slash, femslash, het, poly relationships, gen--they're all fine by me!

I’ve requested fic and art for all of my songs, but I would be happy to receive podfic as a treat.

I’m fine with any level of violence or sexual explicitness. My only squick is graphic descriptions of pregnancy and (especially) childbirth. Brief mentions of pregnancy/childbirth, pregnant characters, etc, are fine, as long as the story doesn’t go into a lot of detail.

I tend to assume that the gender of the narrator is the gender of the singer, and that’s how I’ve written my prompts, but feel free to mix that up if you want. I don’t have strong opinions about the gender of any of the characters, unless I specifically mentioned it in the prompt.

Peace Beneath The City- Iron & Wine Tell me more about this city! How did these various corpses die, and how does it all connect to the "peace beneath the city"? There are so many figures mentioned in the lyrics that I’d love to see depicted in fic or art: the mother of a soldier, the well-dressed boy, the “pig with a bullet in his brain”, the girls wandering through the strip mall, just to name a few. I picture this as an urban fantasy sort of setting (fairies are my absolute favorite mythical creature, and if you work them in I will love you forever), but if your inspiration takes you in a different direction, I'd love to see what you come up with too.

The song seems to weave all these images together seamlessly, and I'd love a piece of art that captures how these bodies and people are intertwined with the city.

Space Girl- Shirley Collins
This is such a fun song, and I'd love to see any vintage-inspired sci-fi that it inspires you to create. Tell me more about the narrator's adventures in space, and her decision to defy her mother and set out for interstellar adventure. I'd especially love to see a friendship or romance developing between the narrator and a resident of another planet (and if you want to spin the song a bit and have her fall for a woman or an alien not fitting into Earth's gender binary instead of a man, that would be awesome!)

For art, I pictured some retro travel posters based on the narrator’s travels, or something exploring one of the places she visits or the people (…sentient beings) she meets.

Take Me To The Riot- Stars I'm fascinated by the relationship between the narrator and the "you" he addresses. Some of my favorite lines:

You sprung me, I'm grateful
I love when you tell me not to speak
I owe you but I know you
You'll have me back but it's gonna take a week

What's their relationship? What kind of riots is the narrator atttending? I’ve always pictured them as politically-motivated (which is probably colored by the context of the rest of the album), but the lyrics make it sound like the narrator and the other rioters are treating them more like a party. What holds the narrator and the person he addresses together even though they seem to hate him? I picture the setting as a futuristic dystopia and/or sci-fi setting, but that's not mandatory.

Art-wise, the lyrics paint an evocative picture of the city and its residents, and I’d love to see something exploring the contrast between the energy of the riots and the weariness in some of the song lyrics. I’d love to see the “slick girls and sick boys”, the person with the empty eyes and face used to lying, or a riot in action.

(This absolutely isn't a requirement, but all of In Our Bedroom After The War is great, and if you love the album as much as I do, feel free to work in details from the other songs)

Saint John- Cold War Kids
We hear a little bit of the narrator's story, but I'd love to see it fleshed out more. How long has he been in jail? Does he really have hope that he'll be pardoned? How does his sister feel about what happened? This isn’t mandatory by any means, but given the genre and tone of the song, I assumed the narrator’s race was a large factor in him being arrested/sent to death row (especially with the way he specifies that it's the "white boys in their stay-pressed slacks" invading the town). 

Artwise, the lyrics are so vivid, and I’d love to see something capturing the energy of the verses (the mobs of college boys and the way their hands “fidget electric”, the sister’s fear, John’s desperation), the weariness of the chorus (I just love the way the tempo drags when the song reaches the refrain), or both.

Only The Good Die Young- Melissa Etheridge I’m fascinated by how different the meaning of this song is when it’s sung by a woman (and as such, I’d prefer both Virginia and the narrator stay women in your gift). I’d love to hear or see the story of Virginia meeting the narrator and reevaluating her sexuality/her religious views. I love coming-of-age stories, and I love lesbian love stories, and this song gives me a great opportunity to combine the two. I’d also love to see how this relationship affects the rest of Virginia’s life. Just how much does Virginia’s mother know about the nature of her relationship with the narrator, and if she does find out the full truth, what happens?

I like religious imagery in art, and/or something playing off of the differences between Virginia and the narrator. I couldn’t help but picture the two of them wearing school uniforms, and I have this image in my head of a piece of art showing both Virginia and the narrator in their uniforms, with the ways they wear that uniform (Virginia prim and proper, the narrator with her skirt shortened and uniform modified) showing the difference in their personalities and reputations. (Feel free to go another route in your gift too, of course!)

What's He Building?- Tom Waits
I just want a horror story or atmospheric horror art to go along with this song. I can see two directions you could take it, fic-wise:
1) The man the narrator speaks about is building something horrible
2) The narrator and the others in the neighborhood turn against the man, only to find out he's done nothing wrong
I picture this as taking place in a small town, either in the 50s or so, or in a place that still feels trapped in the past.
For art, there are so many details given in the song, and I'd love to see how you fit them into an illustration that captures the eerie tone of the song. I'd love to see what the outside of this man's house looks like, what his workshop looks like, or both!

Hebrews 11:40- The Mountain Goats

You should probably know that I love “came back wrong” stories, and I’m really rooting for a gift where the narrator literally comes back from the dead.

There are so many details in the song that almost, but not quite, come together into a full story, and I’d love to see them fleshed out. Who is the narrator, how were they cursed, and why have they come back from the dead? What treasure are they looking for, and what are their goals?

There are also a lot of lyrics that I’d love to see illustrated. The first and second verses are especially evocative, and I’d love to see something that captures the subdued eeriness of the song.



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